Custom crafted.
Hand illustrated.
Design with purpose.

Graphic design for small businesses,
creatives, and nonprofits.
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I’m Elise Cope. I enjoy design that makes a difference in our lives for causes & creatives shedding a little light & beauty in this world.


“Elise asks all the right questions, listens with thoughtful curiosity, and creates designs that bring ideas to life in beautiful ways.”

- Liz Murtaugh Gillespie
Writerly Liz
Tablet Design


Marni Seneker
Mosaic Sail
Vonnegut Thoreau_Icon Black Transparent.
Mycopigments Logo + T-Shirt Design
Elise + Co Jewelry
Annual Report Rainier Valley Food Bank
Annual Report
Fundraising Appeal Design
Once by SCT
Publication Cover
Barn Raiser Ball Email Header